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Meet Jen. The illest chick I have met ever.

dedication. Chick is most dope huhhh?

3 Dudes Crippin to Mac Miller – Knock Knock

Damn this is sick. These dudes set up a pretty nice set of crippin’ to Mac Miller – Knock Knock.

Another Dope Mac Miller Cover By @NJOMZA

Mac Miller

might have to look out for this girl. I posted a video of NJOMZA a couple weeks ago covering a different Mac Miller song. First of all this girl is hot as fuck. She’s from Chicago and damn she can sing. I want to hear her studio voice. You can follow her on twitter at @NJOMZA

Dude Crippin to Mac Miller Nikes On My Feet

Mac Miller

would think this shit is sick. My dude gets real nice on the c-walk game.

Weird Girl Kinda Made a Cool Video… Kinda

Mac Miller

would probably give it up to this girl. I mean… she did make kind of a cool video, but I’m not sure what her deal is, but I rock with it.