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Mac Miller MTV Interview

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Mac Miller

is swagged out in this MTV interview where he talks about the development of his name and who he is as a person.

Mac Miller interviewd by Nardwuar

Mac Miller

is interviewed by the famous Canadian radio host Nardwuar. He gives Mac Miller a lot of gifts including The Beatles inserts and a Big L .record. Check it out, its a pretty funny.

Mac Miller talks about his love for the Pittsburgh Pirates (Source

Mac Miller

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When it comes to sporting world punching bags, there’s no team as easy to beat in the face than the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Kansas City Royals give them a run for their suck, but the Pirates can claim something that no other team in major professional sports can: 18 consecutive losing seasons.

And yet, despite that awfulness, Pittsburgians still love their black and yellow. That’s what Check-In hosts (and the brothers behind The Hype Men podcast) Eric and Jeff Rosenthal found out when they hung with Mac Miller after a recent appearance in NYC. “We know they suck. We’re well aware of it. We love it,” he said.

Who knew? Apparently, Pirates fans are glad their team sucks. But that could become a problem because the team is currently on pace for its first winning season since the first George Bush was president. So we implore you Pittsburgh Pirates, start losing now or you’ll lose your fans forever.

Mac Miller gets Interviewed by 99problemsdotorg

Mac Miller

is interviewed by 99problemsdotorg and he talks about his live long dream. He wants to have a free place for studio time.

Mac Miller Sings in the Studio

Mac Miller

puts out a really funny video. He is in the studio with Eric and he is trying to make a beat. Mac Miller plays the guitar and sings and it is hilarious.